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goCarShare sessions are Go!

Introducing… goCarShare Sessions – Take some of the most exciting bands around, and send them on a ‘goCarShare’ mission to their next festival gig. Introduce impromptu en route shenanigans, off beat banter, unique performances and you have the  ‘goCarShare Sessions‘. First up, there is Mother Feather, self styled purveyors of pop-cock rock from the New York scene. Catch them here for the first goCarShare Sessions, and their first ever performance in the UK.

And then its  on to experimental pop outfit, Laurel Collective who will be looking for a ride to Secret Garden Party this weekend. Maybe you could give them a lift? goCarShare are working with Secret Garden Party to encourage people to travel in full cars. There will be a green tax on empty car seats at SGP. So, even if you aren’t that keen to travel with Laurel Collective, it might be fun to give the car share a try!