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Goverment try climate change horror advert

Is this the future …..The UK government is launching a series of adverts to warn the UK population that humans are causing global warming and endangering life on Earth. remarkably 52% of the UK population think that climate change will not significantly effect them and 15% think that climate change will have no effect, even in the long term. When warned of the serious effect of climate change on their children’s lives, 74% said that they would change their lifestyles although 15% said they would not. The new adverts show British towns deep under water, carbon dioxide rising as dark soot from cars and electrical appliances and directs viewers to the Government’s Act on CO2 website. In the USA, Customers of National Grid in America will receive  a home energy resport comparing their energy consumption to their neighbours in the hope this will persuade households to curb their addiction to heating, air conditioning plasma TVs and other energy hungry appliances and reduce electricity and gas use. National Grid would benefit financially if it hits energy efficiency targets and reportedly has it’s eye on a share of President Obama’s billions of economic stimulus funds ear marked for green projects. Utility companies are under pressure to act in most states – Massachusetts has set a target of reducing energy use by 2-4%  per year by 2012.