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Green Events Europe conference report free to download now

green-events-europeGreenEvents Europe have released the “Full Conference Report from the 5th GreenEvents Europe Conference . It’s free for download to everybody. You can also access the report here.

The Conference Report with minutes, links, reports and pics gives a brilliant overlook on each and every session, filters major questions and summarizes the discussions during the panels. 

Use the Report as a pool of creative ideas and search for best and worst practices, new techniques and approaches to make the live music and event industry more sustainable!
The conference focused on ‘Food & Events’ and raised urging topics such as

  • ‘Food, drinks and Rock’n’Roll’
  • ‘Social Impact of events’
  • ‘Foodprints’
  • ‘Food, health & body’
  • ‘Food waste’
  • ‘Energy efficient music culture’
  • ‘Post consumerist economy’
  • ‘Attitude – behaviour gap’
  • ‘Greener touring’
  • ‘Sustainable Event Design’
  • ‘Sustainability in extreme situations’
  • ‘Greener Arena’
  • ‘Transport and mobility’
  • ‘Culinary Upcycling’
  • Pre-conference Workshop: ‘Food & Events’
  • ‘Die große Kartoffelshow’ – How the public can avoid Food Waste
Best wishes from Bonn and enjoy the  Full Conference Report