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Help reduce the number of plastic bottles at Glastonbury

bottles(1)Glastonbury are always trying to find new ways to minimise the impact of the Festival on the environment and, this year, Glastonbury is aiming to cut down considerably on the use of plastic bottles. They cause an enormous amount of needless waste, not least as the Festival provides free tap water from hundreds of taps across the site. So, in 2014 Glastonbury is stepping up its campaign to encourage Festival goers to bring their own reusable, PBA-free water battles. Then, instead of buying bottled water, you can fill your bottle for free at any of our 400 drinking water taps.
For those of you who don’t yet have a reusable water bottle, Glastonbury have teamed up with WaterAid and the Raw Foundation to produce a reusable 100% stainless steel 750 ml water bottle. The steel bottles are priced at £10 and are a not-for-profit initiative. When lucky ticket holders pay their ticket balance (from 1st – 7th April) they will have the option to order one of the stainless steel bottles for collection at the Festival.
As well as filling your water bottle from any of the Gkasto drinking water taps, you will be able to refill it for free at WaterAid’s five kiosks across the site (similar to the below kiosk, which WaterAid use around the world). At the kiosks, you can also learn more about the charity’s incredible work to give everyone, everywhere access to safe water and sanitation.
We hope you’ll join with Michael, Emily and the team, helping to make Glastonbury 2014 as plastic-free as possible – and save yourself a few quid on bottled water in the process!