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Help stop Network Rail cutting down trees

Network Rail’s tree and vegetation clearance policy.
Responsible department: Department for Transport

“Network Rail’s own consultants claim their tree clearance programme will destroy an area as large as the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire……”

The Government must bring Network Rail to account on its policy of lineside tree and vegetation clearance. Network Rail must agree to begin a proper process of public consultation, considering all scientific evidence, being transparent about and releasing all the results.

Network Rail’s tree clearance programme must be brought under proper control, regulation and review before excessive and irreversible damage is done to the natural environment. Communities must no longer be subject to the uncontrolled environmental vandalism which Network Rail has been getting away with for the last nine years.

You can sign up to this petition here – PLEASE HELP – we need our trees! And we don’t need health and safety used as a pathetic excuse to cut down more trees.


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