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Jo Allen – Back at the Crypt Gallery

Jo Allen in her studio

Award winning environmental sculptor and poet, Jo Allen, will return to the Crypt Gallery in Seaford again this summer to show her new installation, “Seeing”.

In partnership with Lewes District Council, the multi-sensory exhibition will run for the duration of Artwave and, once again, Jo will be working alongside media personality and laser artist Luke Smith. “Creating the actual poetry and sculpture is quite personal and solitary,” explains Jo, “it’s Luke’s input that makes it accessible, makes the whole experience magical. Last year we had many visitors who came back to see the show again and again, some of them had never been into a gallery before. I only hope we can touch as many people this time.”

This year the exhibition will debut new poetry alongside a triptych of giant masks that explore the sea’s enduring relationship with man. “The sea has always been an inextricable part of man’s history on earth,” explains Jo, “and yet – as is the case with many long term relationships – it’s so often taken for granted. I feel it’s time we all took a fresh look at this marriage and in doing so hopefully we can learn to treat it with a little more love and respect.”

“Seeing” will run at the Crypt Gallery from the 22nd August to the 12th September and is open every day from 11.0am to 7.00pm.

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