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More green coaches means more green trees!

Volunteers from all walks of life turned up to Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield recently to celebrate the parks centenary year with the planting of over 500 donated oak, ash and lime trees. The whole community was represented at the event with young people, students, community groups and OAP’s turning up to help. Organised by a number of parties including national charity Trees for Cities and local community group Friends of Platt Fields Park, the environmentally conscious travel company Big Green Coach donated the trees as a result of their pledge to plant a tree for every full coach they took to a music festival in 2010. Danny Newby, who works for Big Green Coach told us “As a company, we are absolutely commited to supporting initiatives such as this. The trees which we have donated and are planting in Manchester will remove 115 tons of CO2 from the environment over their lifetime. They will also make a difference to the local community, making it a nicer place to live” Despite the poor weather conditions, everybody involved had a fantastic time. One individual in attendance was David “Disco” Humphreys, who turned up to plant one of the 580 trees, after he won a national competition with Big Green Coach to have one named after him.  Anne Tucker of Friends of Platt Fields, added “It’s brilliant when different parts of the community come together and create something as practical and as beautiful as this. The park has just celebrated 100 successful years and what better way to celebrate than by planting more trees to ensure its future.”