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Never Waste A Good Pandemic – ESNS 2021

Never waste a good pandemic – Culture’s responsible restart into a New Normal
On 14th January 2021, AGF and Go Group present Climate Culture Covid during Eurosonic, to be held digitally owing to the pandemic.
Did we loose a year in our fight on climate change while being forced to focus on something completely different? Or does this crisis also bare something positive and a chance for real change? While our industry was locked down almost completely European CO2-emissions decreased by 11% the Global Carbon Project reports. The European Union kick-started the European Green Deal and in the middle of Corona’s second wave the EU heads of State and Government committed to even stricter climate goals until the end of this decade: a reduction of 55% instead of 40% compared to the numbers of 1990. But what happens when we get out of this crisis and the flood gates reopen for tourism, consumption and also for culture and entertainment. How do we keep our promises, live up to our responsibilities and even set lighthouse examples while we cheer for the new freedom, regained opportunities and seek to make up for the losses suffered in the past year. We will lead this uncomfortable discussion with an exclusive set of speakers talking from many angles such as the perspectives of promoters, artists & activists, science & innovation and last but not least politics.
Presenter Claire O’Neill (AGF) welcomes:
Dora Palma (PT,Rock in Rio Lisboa / Head of Sustainability) who will speak from the perspective of the music festival
Dr. Stefano Barberis (IT, Rina Consulting & Everywh2ere Hydrogen) will contribute with a focus on science & innovation
Fay Milton (UK, Music Declares Emergency & Savages) will bring in the perspective of artist and activist
Dr. Christian Ehler (GER, Member of the European Parliament) reports on the connection between the European Green Deal and culture.
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