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New toilet offers green festival solutions

Website12The Sanitrax retractable restroom unit is heralded as a revolution in portable restrooms (or toilets if you live in Europe!)  Equipped with “proven, reliable vacuum technology toilets”, the new design saves precious and expensive flushing water (up to 90% compared to regular flushing toilets) and of course at the same time produces a comparable saving on wastewater – so the units are highly suitable on sites where limited water is available.
And Sanitrax say they are extremely cost-effective!  With the designed round corners in the toilet cubicles, cleaning becomes “an almost effortless job. Easy, quick and 100% hygienic.” Due in part to its fully retractable design and international shipping container features, the Sanitrax sanitary system allows event organisers to optimize space and provides more cost effective transport possibilities with significantly lower transport costs per unit. Let’s start working together towards a greener planet today!