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NOUVELLE PRAGUE – a great new showcase and conference at the heart of Europe

We had such fun in Prague at Nouvelle Prague – the panels were fabulous as were the showcase events with a special mention to Money for Rope from Australia, Jeremy Loops from South Africa and the lovely lads from Local Foreigner who are from the UK, Dubai and New Zealand! And Prague is lovely. Anyway, here’s our holiday snaps  …… maybe we do have some better ones but this is why we were there!

Session1__Petr Choura_Lukáþ Stara_David Urban_P²emysl ¼erník

The Good,The Bad & The Ugly in the Czech Music scene: David Urban (DSmackU Promotion, CZ), Petr Choura (Divadlo Pod Lampou, Plzeň, CZ), Lukáš Stara (Fléda Club, Brno, CZ) and Přemysl Černík (Mighty Sounds Festival, CZ)

Session2_Vojta Kalina_Adam Lewia_Shain Shapiro_Jonas Vebner

Crossing borders, fundraising, branding, sponsorship and other forms of music event support – with Vojta Kalina (Pipes and Pints, CZ), Adam Lewis (Planetary Group, Shain Shapiro (Sound Diplomacy, Canada – UK), USA), Jonas Vebner (Norway Export Office) and Josef Havelka (Česká spořitelna, CZ).


The Booking ring with Michal Kaščák (Pohoda Festival, SK), Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury Festival, UK), Christof Huber (Yourope, Open Air St. Gallen, Switzerland), Kem Lalot from Eurockeennes in France and Angus Baskerville (13 Artists, UK)


Our lovely Sustainable music events panel with Štěpán Suchochleb (Rock for People, CZ), laire O’Neill (Greener Festival, UK), Fruzsina Szep (Sziget, Hungary), Julia Gudzent (Melt! Festival) and Ben Challis (Glastonbury, UK)

Session5_LudÏk Motyƒka_Chris Cooke_Jana Grygarová_Michal Novák

Current music media / streaming / going digital? with Luděk Motyčka (Google, CZ),  Chris Cooke (CMU, UK), Jana Grygarová (Full Moon, CZ) and Michal Novák (, CZ)

Photos by Anna Cervinkova