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Police helicopter crashes into live music pub in Scotland

The Clutha pub in GlasgowA police helicopter has crashed into the roof of The Clutha pub in Glasgow, Scotland, close to the Clyde River. One eyewitnesses said the aircraft dropped “from a great height at a great speed… like a stone”. Rescue efforts were in “full operation”, according to Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond, whilst police confirmed that two officer and a civilian were on board the helicopter during the incident. Three people have been confirmed as dead by the BBC as rescue operations continue with many people trapped in the unstable building and debris and 32 have been taken to hospital. Nine-piece ska band Esperanza had been performing at The Clutha Vaults when the crash occurred and it is thought over 100 people were present, enjoying a Friday night out.  A senior fire officer said they had made contact with some people trapped inside the pub but the building was unsafe and they were taking a “methodical” approach to the rescue. The rescue operation continued throughout the night  – whilst some attendees were rescued or escaped, others have been trapped by a collapse on the left-hand side of the building.

UPDATE: 18.00 Saturday 30 November: We are sad to report that eight people have been now been confirmed as dead. A further 14 people are being treated for “very serious injuries” in hospitals across the city, as tales of heroism continue to emerge from the shocking scenes.