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PRS launches pub prize

PRS for Music has launched its Music Makeover 2012, ahead of the implementation of the UK’s Live Music Act in October.  And the prize? It’s £5000 to help UK pubs create the right space for live music so they can remain competitive and crucially, a key destination for locals to enjoy. PRS for Music will also be contacting 41,000 pubs with a comprehensive guide to making live music work including tips on genre choice, stage lighting, jukeboxes, gig promotion and ticketing. Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi  said “Don’t even start me on the importance of the pub circuit. In the early days we were always gigging in local pubs, throwing our kit in the back of the van and motoring from town to town. We pretty much mastered our live sound and style in those old pubs.” Last year’s Music Makeover winner David Pott of The Market Inn, Faversham, said: “We were extremely pleased to win – pleased for us and for the pub. The prize money will be a great boost for the pub and the community. This will put The Market Inn on the map for music. We’re already receiving demos from local bands who want to play here.”

Pubs can enter here