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Reusables Hygiene (RH) Project Workshop

Interested parties are invited to a workshop and review of the guidelines being developed by The Reusables Hygiene (RH) Project.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a discussion of how to ensure the safety of reusable cups and serveware at sports, music festivals and events.

The guidelines are an ongoing project by the Global Reusables at Events Hygiene Working Group to #buildbackbetter as we emerge from the global crisis.

This workshop will be an opportunity to share challenges, best practices, and feedback.

There are two sessions available to accommodate time zones.

Session 1: Thursday 24th September
10am Sydney / 8pm New York (23rd) / 5pm Los Angeles (23rd)
Register here:

Session 2: Thursday 24th September
7.30pm Sydney / 2.30pm Mumbai / 11am Madrid / 10am London
Register here:

This project is made possible through support by The Ocean Race, 11th Hour Racing, and the fantastic contributions of our industry working group.

More about the project and working group members: