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SATIS Female Urinals for UK

AGF are happy to share a message from our friends at SATIS.
SATIS is taking the piss! It’s the UK’s first touch-free stand-alone woman’s urinal. It is a gender equaliser and a covid-solution that provides high sanitation, safety and sustainability for people everywhere. SATIS can be summed up in three words: fun, approachable and badass.

SATIS is flatpack. An artic lorry can hold 48 SATIS urinals. This reduces travel costs significantly. It also opens up new opportunities to use greenfield sites without damaging the environment. We plan to expand into international markets, being easily transportable will make that jump more accessible.

Our design is circular, made from 100% recycled materials and after it’s 8 year life cycle can it be fully reformed, plus we will use the waste urine turning your pee into power.

SATIS is a gender equaliser. Our design is 6x more efficient than a lockable toilet, giving women everywhere equal access to the loo, safety. The three entrances will reduce crowd build-up preventing unwanted lines and the risk of transferring germs/ injuries from occurring.

SATIS is touch-free and open-air. These features have been proven to significantly increase sanitation standards, making it safe for users by providing a COVID-friendly solution.