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The Power Behind Festivals

The Power Providers Forum brings together renewable and low carbon power providers to the festival sector & festival promoters to work collaboratively on solutions to scale up renewable power provision to the festival & events industry across the UK.

We are currently aiding Julie’s Bicycle, who will be mapping the capacity and current uptake of the renewable power sector, and exploring key issues, such as how power usage can start to be built into contractual agreements as part of a wider initiative to promote efficient configuration and planning. This research is being done during this summer season 2011.

The Forum aims to aggregate knowledge and information to assist both festival promoters and renewable power providers in understanding the state of the market, each others needs, and how better they can cohesively move towards establishing a nation-wide low carbon events industry.

Facilitated by Julie’s Bicycle and Kambe Events.

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Forum Members
Chaired by Chris Johnson, Shambala Festival

Festivals and promoters
A Greener Festival
Big Tent Festival
Festival Republic
Greenhouse PR
Sunrise Celebration
Bristol Music Foundation
Kambe Events

Power providers
Arcola Energy
AB Power
Aggreko UK Ltd
Buffalo Power
Croissant Neuf
Firefly Solar
Magnificent Revolution
Medley Productions
Resource Living
Zia Solar

Environmental Orgs
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Eco Action Partnership
Eden Project
Environmental Change Institute (Oxford University)
Talk Action