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The UK government just okayed a plan to sow bee-endangering seeds across the country

beesFrom the Sum of Us

Despite the fact that bee-endangering pesticides are banned in the EU, the UK government just gave the go-ahead to farmers to sow these toxic-coated seeds anyway. Any day now, Bayer and Syngenta’s toxic bee-hurting seeds could be sown — wreaking even more havoc on our bees.
Instead of listening to us, the Government listened to the intensive farming industry – ignoring the growing evidence of how dangerous these chemicals are to bees and other pollinators.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already signed petitions to the UK Government to stop harming our bees, and they’re feeling the sting. A massive public outcry could force the government to back down and protect bees.

Sign the petition now to the UK Government: stop allowing our bees to die — uphold the pesticide ban!

Neonicotinoids or “neonics”, the world’s most widely used insecticide, were restricted in the EU in 2013 because they were found to be of ‘high acute risk’ to bees. They can still be used on some crops but not those that attract bees when they flower.

Serious scientific evidence shows that the nerve agents cause serious harm to bees – whose pollination is vital for many crops, and thus threaten our whole food supply.

This plan to sow UK fields with treated bee-harming seeds flies in the face of science and facts.

HoneyBeeThe Government gagged its own pesticide advisers to try and stop campaigners from piling pressure on the government — showing that they are terrified of a massive public outcry. They haven’t even seen the half.

Companies like Bayer and their associates have been trying to overturn the neonics ban in the EU for years – using lawsuits and intimidation tactics to try and get their way. But we’ve been there at every step, fighting hard to make sure our precious pollinators aren’t stamped out by corporate greed.
Let’s swarm the UK Government with signatures now and make sure they protect bees once and for all.