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Turning the tide?

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke joined a team of climate change campaigners on Brighton beach at the weekend to create a ‘human sculpture’ of the eleventh century English king, Canute, who as legend has it, proved to his nobles that he was not omnipotent by ordering the tide to stop coming in. It didn’t. The human sculpting was part of the 350 Earth campaign, which has instigated a series of large artistic projects around the World ahead, this time ahead of of the United Nations meeting on climate change that begins in Cancun, Mexico, today as part of a bid to convince politicians that more action should be taken to stop climate change now.

You can see the photos of the King Canute sculpture here:

And see some other 350 Earth creations at this URL:

Photo: Nick Cordes  (c) 2003 The Television Company (London) Ltd