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UK government takes a backward step on food waste

In the UK we throw away a third of the food we buy. Most of that waste goes to landfill where it decomposes and produces methane, a green house gas that is far far more damaging than CO2 in climate change and global warming. If it can be divered from landfill it can be composted or it can be used to feed anaerobic digsters and produce green renewable energy. So surely and right thinking government would be promoting a move from landfill to promote a ‘zero waste’ society in the UK. Errrrrrrrm, nope! The Coalition government has bowed to pressure from Local Authorities and some in the press , and has lifted an order that would ban food, textiles, paper, wood, garden waste and metals being sent to Landfill. DEFRA say that a ‘revised interpretation’ on municipal waste showed that a landfill ban was not needed to meet Englands 2010 landfill target. How encouraging to see DEFRA (still) sticking to the much discredited system of targets – created by administrators to create bureaucracy, business people to create profit and politicians to create muddle and waste! Another chance missed we think.