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This is our message:

„We, the European Festivals, provide the escape from reality and celebrate life. But not this summer… Still we have the power to turn our spotlights to those who deserve it and together with you we want to create a #WaveOfSolidarity.

Today is WORLD REFUGEE DAY and while we‘re stuck in a reality of social distancing and home lockdown that prevents us from performing our magic, civil sea rescue is reality just as much. Let’s give the stage to those who hope for a better future and to those who defend our values on a voluntary basis at the deadliest border of the world – the mediterranean sea.

Exactly five years ago a few activists hoisted their sails to start their civil sea rescue missions. Since then these brave people have saved more than 100.000 lives under intolerable conditions and kept the spotlights on human rights on our behalf. They show us that every single one of us can make a difference in this world.

We thank them for their selflessness, persistence and inspiration. We support civil sea rescue. Together we don‘t compromise on human rights.

Today we create an ocean of sound and solidarity to support those who want to live and those who save lives.

Because festivals celebrate life.

And life is beyond price.

But sea rescue is not.“

Join us and support civil sea rescue:

  • with a donation
  • by ordering our supporter shirt


#WaveOfSolidarity is a support campaign of the European music festivals released on World Refugee Day to show their solidarity with refugees and civil sea rescue organisations. It aims to raise awareness within our audience and networks in a time where the issue can be easily forgotten. It was inspired by TAKE A STAND, initiated by Sea-Watch & YOUROPE (the European Festival Association), and realised with the great support of Goodlive, Wacken Open Air and PxP Embassy e.V.

#WaveOfSolidarity is completely independent and privately funded. It is carried out on a voluntary basis by its supporters. Donations and profits from shirts sales will go to the foundation fund for civil sea rescue (Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung) as well as the work of our partner organization Sea-watch.

A note from YOUROPE, why we do this:

We are the European music family. Together festivals, artists and visitors create spaces in which millions of people experience culture, music and arts every year. Unfortunately the festival summer 2020 is not happening. This year we as well as our artists, crew members, technicians, partners etc. count on you to make this the #SummerOfSolidarity to overcome the challenge we are going through and meet again in 2021 at your favourite events.

Our festivals are great examples of international togetherness, solidarity, acceptance, open-mindedness and cultural diversity. Our goal is to be social, responsible and fair. This can only be achieved in a free, open and peaceful society. Each and every one of us actively contributes to the magical moments of a festival or a concert – before, on and behind the stage.

Let‘s use this superpower in this special year to support those who also need our solidarity. We do so on Sat. 20 June 2020, World Refugee Day, with our campaign #WaveOfSolidarity