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Why Orange is green

orangeOrange has said that it is aiming to become Britan’s greenest mobile phone network and has already agreed a new deal to use 100% renewable energy. The company says it plans to smash new environmental targets it set just six months ago and has said that it is buying 100% green energy from EDF and this means that 80% of the total energy Orange uses in the UK is renewable. Orange VP John Cromack said “We’ve set out our ambition to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions, and by being more resourceful in the energy we consume” adding “these changes have made Orange the most responsible network in Britain. All this and we’ve also seen a substantial reduction in our energy costs”. Future plans include better energy efficiency in Orange shops and better video conferencing facilities to reduce the need for unnecessary travel.  Cromack explained ”the plan goes beyond reducing our carbon footprint. As well as tackling climate change we have targets and plans in place for managing waste and moving towards ensuring that everyting we use is sustainable”.   Orange is also working with Noel Edmonds to push consumers to recycle old phones. Noel has selected recycling mobiles as one of his key themes as part of his new Sky TV show Noel’s HQ. Customers of any network can recycle phones at Orange shops and envelopes to post old mobiles can be picked up in Orange stores.  Proceeds will go to charity.