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Wishing you a very green Christmas!

Why not rent a tree this Christmas? You know really Christmas trees have roots and don’t actually live in warm front rooms in December! So now a number of companies are renting out trees delivering trees with roots and collecting them in January. See

And why not use a microwave to cook your Christmas pud this year? Marguerite Patten, a leading microwave cookery writer, has published a pud recipe that calls for just 10 minutes cooking – using about a tenth of the energy used for a traditionally cooked pudding. See Marguerite’s recipe (and others) at

There are lots of ideas at the Energy Saving Trust’s website which is at

Or you could try Indigo Ocean – – Indigo Ocean is a family run business specialising in fair trade and ethical gifts from around the world – or ethical stall that buys from Tibetan refugees in India, a small charity in Delhi and registered Fair Trade organisations.

You could try solar powered fairy lights -steer clear of the standard ones that gobble up all your energy. Instead try a waterproof solar powered version that will make your garden sparkle with pleasure. See

And forget computer games that eat energy and can be unsociable, and try a game that will bring the family together. The Green Board Game Company makes great games from recycled card. Choose from strategy games to colouring books, board games to playing cards. See

Or you could grow your own vegetables with this kit – quick and easy to plant, this garden is ideal for those with limited space as it can be successfully grown in containers or grow bags and contains 14 types of vegetables. This and lots of other gifts can be found at|40|60|22|21|7072|7092|7170&error_message=Product%20Not%20Found!%20%20However,%20here%20are%20some%20other%20products%20you%20may%20be%20interested%20in.