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World Land Trust – our last chance to save the Atlantic rainforest

 Sir David Attenborough, Patron of the World Land Trust, recently drew attention to the fact that while some 20% of the Amazon rainforest had been destroyed, a whopping 93% of Atlantic rainforest had been lost. The Atlantic Rainforest once covered a huge swathe of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and now it is reduced to small remnant patches. Sir David said “It’s the golden lion tamarin I mostly think about when we talk about Atlantic rainforest”. The golden lion tamarin (below) is a tiny and exquisite monkey emblamatic of all the hidden species to be found there. The World Land Trust raises funds for its overseas project partners to purchase and protect critically threatened habitats for their biodiversity. Sir David was speaking directly about WLT’s exhibit at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show when they brought a tiny corner of the Atlantic rainforest to London. The exhibit went on to win a Gold Medal and Best in Section (Continuous Learning).  Organisations like the World Land Trust (WLT) will be critical to protect the remaining 7% of Atlantic rainforest and here at AGreenerFestival we are going to support WLT this year.

You can find out more at www.worldlandtrust.org and the WLT has an exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show this year.