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You Power Playground unveiling at Isle of Wight 2012

Firefly Solar are joining forces with Eco Action Partnership and Solo to announce that the full Kinectrics YouPower Playground will be introduced to UK festival-goers at the Isle of Wight Festival 2012.

Including: 20 PedGen (bike generators), HamGen (The 8ft Human Hamster Wheel), TeedleGen (The power producing see-saw), WhirlyGen  (The roundabout generator) and a number of LumberGen (electricity producing Log rollers) this full scale production will harness punter power and generate a sustainable source of electricity; some of  which will be used to power the soundtrack to this educational and fun festival experience.

Due to be located in the super groovy Strawberry Fields, YouPower Playground is a great example of the festival’s continued commitment to sustainability.
After happily bagging the “Outstanding” Award at the Greener Festival Awards 2011, Isle of Wight 2012 will see the Strawberry Fields production grow in scale with Firefly providing both solar power and sustainable technical production solutions across the area.

Please contact  about bringing YouPower Playground to your event.