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Zero Waste Events – a 2012 initiative

ZWE is an initiative funded by Coke and supported by WRAP and London 2012. The initiative presents London 2012’s Zero Waste Protocol, a document written to pass on our learning’s in planning a Zero Waste Event to other event organisers. why its a ‘protocol’  is hard to say – and to be frank many events we work with are already doing a lot more than this – but its a good starting point.  In addition to this ZWE hosts a discussion forum for people in the events and waste industry to discuss various initiative and issues in hosting a zero waste event. ZWE are also collecting case studies from event’s organisers  ranging from school sports days to major festivals, on waste minimisation and recycling initiatives. ZWE say that they will pull these case studies together through their website and they will be showcased in a report of what ZWE has learnt which will be produced after the Games. Ultimately the ZWE initiative report will be a practical supplement to the London 2012 Zero Waste Protocol, showing how waste minimisation can work and how recycling and composting can work on the ground at events.

The website is here