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Carbon Reduction Training - Short Courses

A Greener Festival has developed a range of courses designed to help individuals and organisations better understand and address their carbon emissions.

To register or find out more about these courses then please email us at: training@agreenerfestival.com


Legal Framework and Policy

This session covers relevant legislation, regulation, and self- regulation and provides the context for current environmental practice in the events industry.

Procurement and Greening Supply Chains

The materials and services we buy, hire or rent are an integral part of reducing the environmental impacts of our events. The session will look at ethical procurement policy, the impact that procurement policy has on waste management and energy planning, and issues such as scenography, reusables, and food.

Behaviour Change and Communications

Good communications about our own sustainable practices can help in changing the behaviour not only of our audiences but of all our stakeholders. We discuss examples of good and bad communications and the impact this can have on behaviour change to more sustainable practices.

Travel and Transport

Of all the environmental impacts created by staging our live events travel and transport creates the largest CO2e emissions. Using practical examples, we discuss a range of approaches to reduce your events travel emissions.

Towards Zero Waste
The waste created by our events is the most visible environmental impact of all. 

Starting with the waste hierarchy we look at how to reduce and manage our waste streams, what happens to our event waste once it leaves the venue and examine some of the claims made by waste contractors.

Festival Food and Drink – Reducing GHGs

The latest thinking on food at festivals from the types of food and where it comes from to what happens to food waste. 

Circularity and the Circular Event

The idea of the circular event is a recent development. We explain the principles, look at how it connects to current legislation and procurement policy and provide examples of circularity in practice at live events and festivals. 

Smart Power

Reducing the event’s energy impacts. Smart power and the power hierarchy explained and includes simple measures to reduce energy use.

Towards Net Zero

Do we understand exactly what is meant by the latest terminology from Net Zero to Eco Balancing and everything in between?  This session examines and clarifies net zero and the implications for managing events.  It considers measurement and evaluation of the events impacts as a starting point and looks at the policy and strategy approaches needed to get there.