Biodiversity Impact Assessment

Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth at all levels. It encompasses everything from the variation between individuals of the same species in one small population, to the differences between communities of species sharing worldwide ecosystems.

Globally, biodiversity and the natural environment are being eroded at an unprecedented rate. This decline is widely recognised, and has been attributed to unrelenting and unsustainable human activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, land conversion and vegetation removal; overexploitation of animal and plant species; pollution of air, soil and water; climate change; intensive agriculture and deforestation.

Slowing or stopping the loss of biodiversity requires integrating biodiversity concerns into every decision we make, and may necessitate all of us making dramatic changes to the way we live our lives and conduct our business on a daily basis. Every facet of human nature needs to be assessed to measure and mitigate its impact on biodiversity, and this includes the impacts of our Festivals and Events.

What we can do to help you

AGF is here to assist you in assessing, measuring and mitigating the potential impacts of your Festival or Event on the biodiversity of your site and in the surrounding area. This entails looking at the existing state of biodiversity at the location selected for the event, and assessing if there are any negative impacts to the biodiversity associated with the event that will need to be mitigated prior to the event taking place.

Additionally, we can help to identify whether there are any specific issues already facing the biodiversity in the area, and recommend actions that you can take to leave a positive and long lasting impact on the biodiversity and the local community after your festival or event.

What is involved?

A Biodiversity Impact Assessment is preferably conducted after the core idea for an event has been developed, and the ideal site has been identified, but before the event physically takes place.

AGF can assess the biodiversity on the site of your planned event. Once the location is identified and the capacity and extent of the planned event is known, AGF’s Biodiversity Specialist will conduct a preliminary desk-based site assessment by researching existing biodiversity studies, and utilising online ecological tools such as databases and maps. Further information about the biodiversity on the site and in the surrounding areas can also be obtained through involving and communicating with relevant stakeholders, such as local communities and wildlife groups.

On the basis of the initial findings, site surveys may also be carried out to document and identify the biodiversity and habitats present on and surrounding the event site. Once the assessments are complete, a Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) Report will be published. The BIA Report will:

(i)                   Detail the biodiversity and habitats of the site and surrounding areas,

(ii)                 Identify potential impacts to the biodiversity and the habitats, and

(iii)                Make recommendations on how to mitigate these impacts.

After the BIA Report has been finalised, AGF can further help you assess the costs and benefits of each recommended mitigation strategy and to develop an implementation plan.

Once the mitigation strategies are in place, AGF can assist you in monitoring and auditing your progress.

Speak to us find out more and to request a quote for your needs.