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A Greener Festival Directors:

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Luke, Claire, Helen & Amie are all honours graduates in Music Industry Management from Buckinghamshire New University and currently work in the entertainment industry. Luke, Claire & Helen are based in the UK and Amie is based in Australia. The original research data on this site came from material prepared by Claire for her final year dissertation titled Should UK Music Festival Organisers Implement Environmentally Friendly Practices into Event Management? in 2006. Ben Challis is a music industry lawyer and editor of  A Greener Festival Limited is a not for profit company registered in England.

Conditions of Use

By using this site you are deemed to have accepted the following conditions of use:

The primary purpose of this site is to promote good environmental practices at music and arts festivals. However we must make you aware of certan restrictions placed on us and placed by us on others using the materials you will find on this site.The information, data, artwork, pictures, text, or other materials (collectively, “Resources”) found on are protected by copyright laws. However, wherever possible we have made these Resources available for personal, educational and training purposes. However you may not modify, use, or distribute the Resources for any other purpose without written consent from the publisher Charming Music Limited and/or the other relevant copyright holder (as may be identified). Besides the exceptions listed below, you may not post, transmit, distribute, republish, reproduce, modify, or sell any Resources available on this web site.

Where indicated you may print Resources from the this web site for educational, personal and training purposes and to swap ideas and good environmental practices with others involved in promoting and organising music and arts festivals.There are a number of pdf files which can be downloaded and please do feel free to use these as templates for your own websites and your own literature. Where Resources are press releases these can also usually be used in your own publications but please do check.   All computer software & digital media files linked to, downloadable, or available from this web site are the property of the respective owners who will be indicated. You must obtain the permission of those persons before you can copy these Resources. The use of these materials and software are subject to separate license and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.The Resources contained on the this web site have been collected from many different sources and are subject to change without notice.

Whilst we encourage contributions, contributions are accepted by  in the Editor’s discretion and on the basis and on the understanding that they are not exclusively published by agreement anywhere else. Submissions are accepted on the understanding that all writing is the original work of the author/s who have submitted the Contribution, except where material within academic works is correctly attributed and/or referenced to as being included within Contributions in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988. The views expressed in any Contributions are those of the authors themselves, and not those of and/or its publisher Charming Music Limited and/or its Editor. and Charming Music Limited can in no way be held liable for inaccuracy in the Resources provided on our site. and Charming Music Limited shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the information displayed on the website, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Opinions offered on this website should not be interpreted as direct advice to readers and users and should not be acted upon in such a manner. Users are advised to consult with industry professionals and specialists where appropriate and apply general concepts to their own unique situation based on proper professional advice. What is sensible and good practice for one festival may not be relevant or even safe for another festival so you really must take proper advice when implementing ideas you have seen on this site.Under no circumstances shall  and/or Charming Music Limited  be held liable for any damages or losses whatsoever, whether in contract, tort or any other reason, from the use of, or dependence on, the Resources included within or from the general use of the . Charming Music Limited are not responsible for the content of third party websites included within our external hyperlinks or external dynamic feeds. The contents of this web site are provided for general information purposes only.