Audio Visual Production


NNNN is a pro audio company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, that is here to create world-leading speaker systems that redefine pro audio for a more sustainable future.

NNNN was founded in Oslo in 2016 by four forward-thinking Norwegians with a shared background in creating industry-changing audio-video equipment for world-leading brands. Since then, NNNN has been creating an expanding portfolio of horn-loaded loudspeakers. The founders´ shared expertise in pro audio and their ambitious goals for the future of audio sat the course for NNNN.

“As a pro audio company in an industry that is in the midst of a transition, we are making audio equipment meeting the needs of artists today, and in the future. With crystal clear audio replication, versatile applications, and beautiful design, we ensure that artists have audio equipment that enables them to deliver magical performances while also meeting their sustainability goals. And, for the organizers of concerts and festivals to deliver more sustainable music events to their audiences. A solution that we believe will impact the future of live music”. Torkel Mellingen, CEO