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A Greener Festival Training Autumn 2018

A Greener Festival has developed this course drawing upon the last 10 years of experience in assessing festivals and events around the world. Training focuses on the key operational issues of events which create an impact on the environment developing the knowledge and skills of participants to undertake environmental assessments or simply to improve their understanding.

There are two ways you can take our training course.

Who is this course for?

Designed to train auditors to complete assessments at festivals and events on behalf of the Greener Festival Awards, the training course, is also relevant for those wishing to work in event sustainability, event organisers and those seeking to improve their own events environmental management.

Course Content

Topics covered:

Legal Framework and Policy
Local Impacts and Risks
Sustainable Procurements
Travel & Transport
Event Power
Solid Waste & Recycling
Water usage, Waste Water and Sewerage
The Circular Festival
Behaviour & Communication
AGF Assessment Familiarisation & Post Event Reporting

Learning will be supported by the use of case studies drawn from real events.

How will you study

By attendance

The course will be delivered through a series inputs from the AGF training team combined with exercises using real case studies.


Study will be entirely online without any face to face tuition using AGF training materials and case studies. Assessment for the online training course will be through an online test.

What you will receive at the end of the course?

All those who successfully complete the course will be become Stage 1 Certified A Greener Festival Assessors and will receive a certificate of completion from A Greener Festival.

Online trainees will receive a joint certificate from A Greener Festival and Falmouth University.

Trainees are then eligible to move to Stage 2 of our training programme. This involves event site visits and the completion of assessments under the supervision of one of our Senior Assessors. Note your site visit expenses will be paid for either by the event or by A Greener Festival.

When you have undertaken 2 assessments satisfactorily you will have completed Stage 2 of our Assessor Training.

Note for those who wish to undertake A Greener Festival Audits ( Terms and Conditions)

All Environmental Assessors for A Greener Festival (AGF) need to complete a formal training programme at least once every three years so they can fully participate in evaluating festivals that take part in the A Greener Festival Award scheme and The Greener Event Award scheme.

The opportunity to complete an assessment is dependent upon the quantity and location of events applying for the Awards scheme in any twelve (12) month period. These numbers can vary and we would always try and match a festival or event with a suitable Assessor and one deciding factor would be the location of the event and the location of the Assessor to minimise travel emissions and costs.

The training is valid for the A Greener Festival Awards Scheme for three (3) years from the date you complete this course. Whilst you are welcome to take the training again before this time, you do not have to. However, after 3 years you will need to renew your training with A Greener Festival if you wish to continue as an Assessor.

All assessors must adhere to the assessor Code of Conduct.


Testimonials from past trainee AGF Assessors

The AGF training was great, very worthwhile on a number of levels. The trainers are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; the information imparted is useful and interesting; and there were valuable opportunities to make contact with like-minded passionate people involved in festivals and sustainability. It’d be great if all festival organisers did this training!” Em Weirdigan, Green Gathering

I am very happy to have participated in the training, and to be part of the AGF team. I have learned lots and I am sure to learn a lot more in the future, which I am really looking forward to! Thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided by AGF. The registration process was very simple, and a wealth of preparatory material was provided in advance of the course. The course itself was delivered in a relaxed atmosphere, by competent, friendly trainers and covered all of the essential elements. After completing the course I feel fully prepared to undertake a festival assessment, and I have met many great people in the process. Thank you AGF!” Nikita Coulter

It was great to get a practical understanding not just of the AGF assessment but also in some of the areas that were discussed like power and waste. Group working on the case study was a fun and useful experience!

Perfect opportunity to learn more about making festivals more sustainable and meet like-minded persons in the process.”

The course was very practical and useful and in addition I had the chance to meet other like- minded professionals and a had a great opportunity for networking!” Jone Pérez