Here are two lovely people we bumped into at Glastonbury, supporting Oxfam’s fab Here & Now campaign which is backed by pop stars like Jarvis Cocker, VV Brown, Fatboy Slim and the Kooks. Thousands of people at Glastonbury got blued up – with all sorts of weird and wonderful designs and all the stars have been photographed sporting the bold new look – blue faces – as Oxfam campaigns over the next few months for a fairer climate deal. A video of the blue faced celebrities is available on the Observer website at .
And not everyone was blue, in fact the boys (‘n’ girls) in blue were distinctly green as the mighty Glastonbury Green Police spent the weekend making a heck of a noise two, persuading everyone not too pee in the hedges and streams and asking people to pick up litter and ‘leave no trace’. Ladies and gentlement of the green police, we salute you.

It was a glorious Glastonbury, almost mud free and good to see Michael, Emily and the Glastonbury team making real efforts to minimise the festival’s environmental impact.  I managed to bump into all of the Greener Festival team on-site, and meeting Claire was faily random – she was at the solar powered stage in the Greenfields when I just bumped into her – a real 1 in 177,500 chance! We are all off and about at other festivals all summer now, seeing just how green they have got.  Our new environmental assessor Penny has just been at Wireless in Hyde Park, Claire is at Sunsplash in Italy and Luke is just back from the Isle of Wight. Amie has completed five assessments at some amazing Australian festivals including Bluesfest and Peats Ridge, we have been at Sunrise and Firegathering over here and we have now environmentally audited the Atlanta Jazz Festival and Bonnaroo in the USA (thanks Greg & Jason!).  This week it’s T-in-the Park – and we hope everyone in Scotland has a great time this weekend.

Dont forget, if you have been to a Festival in 2009 and want to donate to our new FESTIVAL WOOD  project, details of how to text a £5 or £3 donation are on the home page.