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GEI 14, on the 29th April 2022

The 14th edition of Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI) will take place at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London on Friday 29th April 2022. 

We are so excited to be back in person, and we have an amazing day lined up.

Here are 3 great reasons why you DO NOT WANT TO MISS GEI14.


Our inspirational speakers from across the live event industry and from across the world, will inform, and entertain you. These include Brian Eno who will be in conversation with Aurora as they discuss how the energy of music can benefit the planet. Other speakers include John Robb (Louder than War), Mike Walsh (Serenade), Sangeeta Waldron (Serendipity PR), Dave Ojay (NAAM Festival), Dale Vince (Ecotricity), Holgar Jan Schmidt (Yourope), Dr. Vincent Walsh (HERBLABISM), and many more. Our full list of over 25 speakers can be found here


GEI14 will bring together leaders, visionaries, festival and event organisers, artists and host of representatives from across the whole spectrum of the industry. Take the opportunity to join the conversation, make new contacts, and engage with this wonderful community in driving change.


Our jam packed GEI14 agenda delivers in an entertaining and varied range of formats including Speakers Panels, Quick Fire Innovation Rounds, Workshops, Deep Dives, and our Keynote Conversation.

These sessions will include such topics as:

European Coordination in the Live Music Sector, where a distinguished panel will discuss how European festivals are working together to advance sustainability and fight climate change.

Stepping towards a Greener Arena, provides an insight into the world of Arenas and the work being done to reduce emissions, reduce waste, and green their food and beverage offerings.

European Green Festival Roadmap,  details the 2030 Roadmap for an ambitious and sustainable improvements in large European cultural events.

Circularity, Come Fill Your Cup,  dives into the solutions, myths, and technology of providing a sustainable solution to the provision of cups.

Energy & Transport 3.0,  the hot topics of energy and transport are discussed with a focus on evolving technologies and how behavioural and societal change is also needed to drive transformational change in this area.

Sustainable Food & Beverage, a deep dive into the world of food and drink and how what we grow, eat, and drink impacts our own health and the environment around us.

Purpose & Action – Doing What Matters, our final group of expert panellists will explore the power of individuals to create change and what we can do to create that brighter future.

Keynote Conversation, we end our thrilling day with our very special guests Brian Eno and Aurora, who will be discussing how the energy of live music can be used to benefit the planet

The full agenda can be found here.


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