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Campsite Round Table

Faced with the annual campsite aftermath all over Europe with intolerable levels of reusable items left for waste by campers, the Campsite Roundtable was formed in January 2018 at a meeting of 36 festival organisers + 6 festival industry associations and sustainability groups from 10 countries during Eurosonic Noordeslag, led by A Greener Festival and GO Group – the green operation division of the European festival association, Yourope.

The purpose is to bring together festival organisers in one room, who are sharing this campsite chaos issue, to share experience and insight to help accelerate change and find common ground for actions that can be taken collectively.

The group is led voluntarily and convenes at key festival industry events throughout the year, including Eurosonic Noordeslaag ESNS (Netherlands), Green Events & Innovations Conference GEI (UK), and Reeperbahn (Germany).

Any camping festival organiser can participate in the group. To find out more and join the next meeting get in touch: hello@agreenerfestival.com

The Purpose

“We are all too familiar with the problem of waste created through festival campsites, and the challenges this represents on an organisational as well as environmental level. There has been a great deal of work done by various festivals and organisations with the aim to solve this issue, with varying degrees of success.  We’re seeing a lot of festivals doing work individually but still the problem with campsites is seemingly growing rather than getting better overall. The situation crosses borders and cultures. Still it is food for unpleasant headlines that can be read all through the festival season.

As the facilitators of the spaces where disposable culture can bloom, it is necessary to come together with the intention to fast track towards better solutions that will have a radical impact. This definitely is not a new topic, but we all cannot surrender. That’s why we would like to hear of actions that have worked, those that have failed, and those that are in progress. A continuation of the current situation is not something that any of us want.

  • What knowledge can be shared? 
  • What are the obstacles? 
  • What help is needed? 
  • What next? 

It feels urgent enough to necessitate coming together on the specific topic, with the aim to find a few common actions that can help progress, be that individually, in a joint approach, with manufacturers, waste industry, communications or reviewing the camping festival format.”