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Glastonbury: Green Traveller

As one of the world’s largest outdoor gatherings, Glastonbury Festival is totally committed to reducing carbon emissions – and to raising awareness of what can be done to help combat climate change.As part of that message, the Festival wants to reward people for choosing to come to Somerset by public transport or by bicycle. So, this year, for the first time, we have put together a Glastonbury Festival Green Traveller package which we hope will provide an extra incentive for you and your friends to “go Green”.

Over 50 per cent of Glastonbury Festival’s CO2 total emissions come from how “you” the Festival goer make your way to the site. We understand that public transport can be expensive and we are working on trying to keep the prices fair.

Ticket holders who arrive at the Festival by public transport or bicycle will be given a Green Traveller lanyard, offering:- Vouchers for discounts on main meals
– Solar showers, solely provided for Green Travellers
– Access to compost toilets
– Discount on a Festival T-shirtAnd yes, we know that getting on a train or bus isn’t necessarily as easy as jumping in a car parked outside your house. But once you have decided to head for your bike, the bus stop or the train station, we’ll do our best to make Festival life a little bit easier for you – from the moment you’re dropped right by the gate!

Glastonbury have put together a list of FAQs for those interested in the initiative.

Q I’m coming by coach, when will I get the lanyard?
A You will get the lanyard when you arrive at the Festival coach park.

Q I’m arriving by train, when will I get the lanyard?
A Again, you will get the lanyard when you arrive at the Festival coach park, on the shuttle bus from the station.

Q Does the Green Traveller initiative include electric cars and electric bikes?
A Green Traveller includes all people who take public transport and cycle to the Festival, unfortunately it doesn’t include electric cars, but it does include electric bikes!

Q We’re coming by car share, are we included?
A No, sorry, you are not included if you coming by car share because it isn’t quite public transport.

Q If I come by local bus services, will I get the lanyard?
A No, you need to arrive at the Festival coach station, because that is the only way we can monitor people arriving by public transport.

Q If I arrive at the Festival on foot, will I get the lanyard?
A No, because there is no way of us being able to monitor it.

Q Do you have to arrive at a certain gate if coming by bike?
A Yes, please head to Yellow Gate for the cycle lockup.Q Will the lanyards be handed out all weekend?
A No, they will stop being handed out at 10pm on FridayQ Will I get the lanyard if I come on the shuttle buses from Glastonbury town?
A Yes, you will get a lanyard if you come on the Glastonbury shuttle bus, up until 10pm on Friday.

Q Where will the solar showers be? How many are there?
A The 12 solar showers are near Pedestrian Gate A next to the cyclist camping field, which is where the compost toilets for Green Travellers will also be. Green Travellers will also have a Happy Hour in the Greenpeace Field showers between 4-5pm each day.

Q What sort of discount on food is on offer, and how does it work?
A A book of 6 perforated vouchers will be given to each Green Traveller, there are 4 x 50p vouchers off a main meal over £6 (you can use one per meal). There are 90 stalls that are participating across the Festival site. We have tried to arrange it so that Festival goers are never too far away from one. The participating food stalls will listed in the programme, and the stalls will display a green flag above the stall.

Q How does the merchandise discount work?
A One of the perforated vouchers will give £1.00 off a Festival T-shirt.