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AGF’s interview with Outstanding Greener Festival Award winner DGTL and Revolution Foundation to explore how the vision for the Circular Festival can be realised through a digital event, and what might the landscape of the future circular event look like.

Preventing Plastic Pollution Post Pandemic

The first live GEI Summer Series Session tackles plastic pollution on World Environment Day. And it’s a topic that has been moving to the centre of consumer attention for some time. The impacts on our oceans, water, food chain and health are becoming widely understood and attitudes are beginning to shift away from single use and needless waste.

A Greener Festival’s Claire O’Neill chairs the session with: Melinda Watson, plastics campaigner at Raw Foundation Camille Guitteau, project manager, Bye Bye Plastic Patricia Yagüe, head of sustainability Europe, Live Nation Alex Brooke, co-founder, Peppermint Bars James Roles, founder, StackCup