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A Greener Tour – Round 2!

Time: 4:30 pm

- 5:45 pm

Location: Room 2

About this session:

A year on since the lively session at GEI11, in which Paradigm (formerly Coda) and AGF launched the Green Artist Rider. Now not a week passes where this topic doesn’t reach headlines. Coldplay pause touring over eco-concerns, Massive Attack to analyse the impact of their tours, Billie Eilish makes moves to eliminate plastic from gigs. Working groups have been convened across all parts of the Live industry to tackle green issues. Live Nations “Green Nation” and AEG 1Earth are in full swing.

In “A Greener Tour – Round 2” we explore what artists, agents, promoters, venues, tour managers and production companies actions, obstacles and opportunities to reduce emissions, reduce waste, address fundamental changes, and strive for positive impacts.