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Reducing Touring Footprints – A Sustainable Trucking Update

Time: 1:10 pm

- 1:30 pm

Location: Room 4

About this session:

Making tours carbon-neutral is the latest challenge for a lot of production specialists and suppliers. During this Production Note we will take a look at the green efforts entertainment transport company Pieter Smit have made over the last few years in order to get closer to this goal. From investing in LHV trailers (what happened to the old ones btw?), super lorries that can carry more without consuming more fuel; using biodiesel, HVO and other renewable energy; to lobbying for the availability of these types of fuel throughout Europe (and beyond)… What are the current levels of lowering CO2 and how much are we decreasing our ecological footprints?

Presented by: Rick Smith, Rule Out Loud Management (UK) & Maarten Arkenbout, Pieter Smit Trucking (INT)