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Saving The World Begins At Breakfast

Time: 1:40 pm

- 2:25 pm

Location: Room 3

About this session:

Around a quarter of all GHG’s globally are generated by the food sector, this poses both an opportunity and a significant threat. If we can change our habits, we can have a major impact on climate change. We are fast approaching the point of no return – but is change happening?

Saving the world begins at breakfast, based loosely on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, will look at what decisions are within our power, why we are all responsible for our decisions and bringing about the change we want to see. Discussing the best high impact / low-cost practical changes that should be implemented at your events immediately and what structural problems within the food sector might take time and pressure. We can’t afford to be afraid of bold action.

  • Understanding the global issue of food
  • Understand composting and waste
  • Reducing packaging and plastics
  • Working with traders, caterers and suppliers
  • Amplifying your message

Presented by: NCASS