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A Greener Tour Round III

Time: 5:00 pm

- 6:00 pm

Location: GEI STAGE 1

About this session:

In 2019, our first greener touring session saw the launch of the Green Artist Rider alongside Paradigm Agency (then Coda), and saw us challenged about how much we could “put on an artists’ shoulders.”

In 2020, just days before all touring ground to halt, we announced the Greener Arena Certification scheme, and we asked how much artists and the industry as a whole would be willing to change their behaviour, and who was going to pay for the transition to sustainability?

Now that we have seen the fragility of our industry when faced with an existential threat – what will be our response to achieve the drastic emissions and waste reductions that are required for our very survival? How do we protect and enhance the most advanced and incredible carbon sequestration technology we have – nature itself!

The face of touring is changed, and we have the power to make it for the better. What do we need to do collectively to create the regenerative tour of the future?

Promoters, agents, venues, artists, tour managers, brands, and all stakeholders have a part to play as the events ecosystem harmonises with the ecosystem.


Moderator: Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine / ILMC)

Speakers: Anna Golden (AEG Presents) ; Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme); Serge Grimaux (Forum Karlin); Tom Schroeder (Paradigm Talent Agency); Mark Stevenson (Reluctant Futurist: ClientEarth / Ministry of Defence)


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