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Barry McGuire: Rekindling Our Connection – Unity Through Song

Time: 7:00 pm

- 7:25 pm

Location: GEI STAGE 1

About this session:

Barry McGuire is a Ballardong, Wadjuk, Noongar

Rekindling Our Connection – Unity Through Song

The true story of indigenous community coming together with a UK community through the strength of music, song, dance and a shared vision. Thanks to the Spider Spirit.

In 2016 and the following years, an incredible connection was made between the Wadjuk Noongar aboriginal community of Perth, and Arcadia Spectacular of the UK.

We are honoured to hear these precious words and song from Barry McGuire, Ballardong, Wadjuk, Noongar, from the land we’ve come to know as Perth, Australia.

An aboriginal perspective of Glastonbury Festival, electronic music, Arcadia Spectacular’s fire breathing spider and a vision for our future.