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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Time: 3:45 pm

- 4:45 pm

Location: IPM STAGE 1

About this session:

Sustainable production is a crucial topic featured regularly at both the GEI & IPM. The recent hiatus in touring (thanks, coronavirus) has given us a chance to come together on this issue perhaps more than ever before. In this panel, we’ll be asking how difficult it is, in reality, to go green. Taking advantage of our limitless digital space, these two leading conferences in production and sustainability unite, bringing all expertise and knowledge together in one room. We welcome both GEI & IPM delegates to attend this afternoon session together.

Does post-Covid recovery mean a reversal of the ever-growing arsenal of production tricks and wizardry? Will the creative use of existing gear until we get a return on our investments become a reality? Are pre-rigged venues aimed at minimising the crossover between internal crew and touring crew the answer? What has the industry been working on since Covid behind the scenes? How do we differentiate between delusion and an honest, realistic, green solution? And, would we all benefit from a Green Production Rider?