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The Elephant In the Road

Time: 10:30 am

- 11:30 am

Location: GEI STAGE 1

About this session:

The live events industry have been all but grounded for a year. This has devastating economic ramifications, but it can’t be denied that the air pollution and GHG emissions avoided have been a needed relief for our planet and health. Audience, Production, Artists and Participant travel remains one of the largest impacts and challenges that the live events industry faces in the necessity to reduce our emissions.

What are the latest innovations for low carbon mobility? How can we as an extremely powerful tool for communication (ie music, sport, art) be agents towards the rapid behaviour changes we need to see? Will advancements in cities and transportation technologies and digital technological advancements allow our industry to continue and still reach it’s carbon reduction targets?  Will a “green tour” actually be possible – or do we need to permanently reduce our travel and embrace new ways?

Our expert panel of speakers address all of this and more in this long overdue session dedicated to the culture of our industry and the future of our mobility.


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