Fearlessly Feminine: Earth Unleashed

Time: 9:05 am

- 9:55 am

Location: Stage 1

About this session:

There is a critical need for a much deeper recognition and reverence of the feminine if we are to shift from this destructive paradigm of extraction and dominance into one of sustainability and harmony. There is a correlation between our relationship with what may be defined as feminine, and the way we treat our environment. Equality discourse in the music and sports industry often speaks to equal pay, balanced line ups and coverage, access to jobs and representation. All unquestionably important – but are we shifting around digits in ultimately the same system? Which big parts of the puzzle are we missing? Our powerful panel of speakers bring to life the fundamental changes we need to make for humanities sustainability and growth.

We are so honoured to be joined by “Woman Stands Shining” Pat McCabe, Clare Dubois – Founder of Tree Sisters, and Khalila Mbowe – Founder of Unleashed Africa for this powerful and important keynote session.