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Jack Beerens GEI12

Jack Beerens

MSS International

International Sales Manager at MSS International B.V. The Netherlands. Since 2006 working in the event industry, always involved in sanitation.

MSS International’s mission:

  • Providing the best sanitary solutions possible for our customers and their end-
  • Leadership through innovation;
  • Development, engineering and production of sustainable sanitation concepts.

We are always aware of the changing desires and product needs of our customers and the end-users of our products. In order to meet these desires, innovative developments are always the focus of our attention. It is because of this that we see it as a challenge to develop and apply new, sustainable products. In the past, we have shown with numerous projects that no challenge is too big. Quality, service and value for money are our top priorities. We see ourselves as creative, flexible and service orientated to our customers.

In addition, we not only strive to have satisfied customers but equally important is to have satisfied end-users of our products. Visitors who use a home feel toilet, wash their hands or take a refreshing shower. We add great value to a fruitful cooperation aimed at the long term. Because of this, we remain critical of ourselves and are always open to suggestions for optimizing our products and service.

Strengthened by our 30+ years experience and solid knowledge of the various markets, we are positive about the future. We are confident that we will continue to serve our customers as optimal as possible.

We like to be challenged by our customers. At those moments, we are at our best!