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Ramon Arratia

Ball Corporation

Ramon Arratia is the Global Director of Public Affairs at Ball Corporation. He believes that real circularity with close to 100% recycling rates is possible if product design, policies and recycling infrastructure all aligned. He is a senior associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


Ramon has more than 20 years of experience in sustainability-related positions at multinational companies such as Interface, Vodafone, Ericsson and  Ball Corporation.  He helps companies who have structural competitive advantages based on sustainability to accelerate growth with a combination of modern public affairs, innovation and disruption. He has proven that ambitious sustainability strategies can deliver core business advantages through reducing carbon footprint, designing out chemicals, accelerating innovations, creating better marketing, redesigning supply chains, and building higher ground cultures.


During his eight years at Interface Europe, the company managed to reduce its GHG emissions by 95 per cent, water use by 78 per cent and its embodied carbon footprint in the supply chain by 39 per cent.

Ramon has an MBA from Warwick Business School, an MSc in Quality and Environment from Spain and a degree in chemistry. This mixture of business and technical education has given him the unusual facility of being able to understand both the geeks (life-cycle assessment practitioners, academics, engineers, chemists) and the geezers (marketing, PR, sales, sustainability consultants).