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Yomi Ayeni

We Are From Dust

Yomi Ayeni is founder of We Are From Dust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing the transformative power of interactive art to public spaces. 

We Are From Dust embraces the values of self-expression, self-reliance, inclusion, participation, gifting, communal effort, civic responsibility, immediacy, decommodification and leaving no trace except positive interactions, and is committed to demonstrating and sharing these values with others through art.

The organisation currently manages three public exhibitions of participatory artworks – Point San Pablo Harbor (CA), Ashton Court (Bristol), Salt Lake City (Utah).

Yomi is an award winning Transmedia creator, producer, filmmaker, and storyteller. He is best known for mapping stories to everyday life, as a way of creating experiences that nudge the audience closer to the heart of a narrative.

His current project – Clockwork Watch is a retro-futurist story told across graphic novels, interactive theatre, online, and film. In 2002 he won the “Best Use of New Media” Award for Global E-Missions, a show he developed for ITV (UK).

Yomi worked as a Broadcast Journalist in the BBC newsroom, was an active part of the Burning Man Festival Media Team, and is a founding member of the European Burning Man Regional event,  ‘Nowhere’ (Spain). He currently  lectures Interactive Storytelling at the Royal College of Arts, lives in London, loves cooking, street art, travelling and making music.