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GEI 14 Speakers Bio

Friday 29th April 2022


Aurora is one of the greatest Norwegian pop breakthroughs of recent years. She has released three
strong albums, several radio hits, had huge streaming numbers and massive international interest. In
the last few years she has performed at huge festivals, popular TV shows and she has toured on
most continents. Aurora is experiencing success as far from home as Australia, Mexico and Brazil,
and is selling out larger venues abroad than in Norway. The debut album All My Demons Greeting
Me as a Friend (2016) gave her a huge audience. In 2018 and 2019 she followed up with the two-
part Infections Of A Different Kind (Step 1) and A Different Kind Of Human (Step 2). Aurora has
contributed on the new album by Chemical Brothers. Her duet with Idina Menzel, from the movie
Frozen 2, was a big hit in several countries.
The new album The Gods We Can Touch was released in January.