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GEI 14 Speakers Bio

Friday 29th April 2022

Gina Périer


Gina Périer is the CEO and co-founder of Lapee, the female urinal for festivals and outdoor events.

She founded Lapee together with Alexander when they were both working as architect volunteers for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Designing and building installations gave them a good insight to the logistics and handling behind the scenes of such a big festival. They became aware of the limited access to sanitation for women and people that need to squat to pee, and the consequences of it. 

After some reflections involving the direction of  Roskilde Festival, a big toilet rental company and plenty of women, they came up with Lapee.  The product was launched with great success in 2019 and now is available in 15 countries, including England! Finally women and people peeing squatting can have an easy, quick, safe and hygienic way out at events! Finally, they can participate properly and enjoy the concerts.