GEI 14 Speakers Bio

Friday 29th April 2022

Lucy Noble

Royal Albert Hall

Lucy Noble is the Artistic Director of the Royal Albert Hall, and the Chair of the National Arenas Association, which represents 23 U.K.-based arenas, including London’s O2, Manchester Arena and the SEC in Glasgow. 

At the Royal Albert Hall she is responsible for the artistic programme, which features approximately 400 performances on the main stage each year and more than 1,100 performances in other spaces around and outside the building. The Hall’s programming is the most diverse of any venue in the world, encompassing circus, sport, dance and the biggest rock and pop artists, whilst still playing host to the world’s most popular classical music festival, the BBC Proms. As well as the programme Lucy oversees the visitor experience element of the Hall to include visitor services, bars and restaurants, tours and retail as well as the production & technical teams – where she oversaw the installation of the Hall’s new £2.2 million sound system – security and event management.  

Her latest work has been building on the venue’s own-produced shows, with which the charity risks money, acting as both promoter and producer. In a normal year the Hall will present more than 80 of its own performances, including shows suitable for touring internationally. Lucy also looks after the Engagement programme at the venue, which focuses mainly on music, reaching around 215,000 participants each year. The programme works to enhance music education, music for wellbeing and music for careers. She oversees all partnerships at the Hall from commercial sponsors to artistic partners like the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  This area of the Hall’s business has a strong focus on sustainability and inclusiveness, which is rolled out across the organisation as a whole.