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Briony Whitaker

UWE Bristol

Briony Whitaker is a Senior Lecturer in Events Management at UWE Bristol, and the Programme Leader for the BA Hons Business and Events Management undergraduate degree. Briony is currently undertaking a PhD that focuses on environmental sustainability at music festivals. During the summer of 2023, Briony will be conducting an ethnographic study of music festivals to create a sustainability value segmentation framework that will allow us to group attendees together based upon their attitudes and values towards sustainability whilst at the event. The intention is that this framework can be utilised by festival organisers to design sustainability interventions that target attendees based upon values inside festivals, rather than by demographics, for example.

Briony has presented her previous research and findings at the 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development, as well as addressing the ethical issues of collecting data at music festivals through a presentation at the 2021 Research Ethics Conference.