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Dale Vince


Dale Vince has led a remarkable life. From “enemy of the state” to “green energy tycoon” he has dedicated his life to challenging conventional wisdom in pursuit of a better way to live. 

As a traveller Vince was an outlaw, living a decade outside of society, on the road and off the grid in constant tension with the police.  After an epiphany in the 90s, he ‘dropped back in’ to build a big windmill on the hill he parked on and from there, went on to start the world’s first green energy company, Ecotricity.

Dale kickstarted the now-global green energy movement using the goals and values he developed on the road to bring green energy into the mainstream.  He pioneered the electric car, built the Electric Highway to power them and runs Forest Green Rovers – the word’s first green football clubCreated diamonds out of carbon in the sky. Most recently he launched a new range vegan burgers. His whole life has been a strive for change and the result of a questioning mind that doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

He is the UN Ambassador for Climate Change. 

Energy, Transport and Food – these are the pillars of his manifesto for a better world and in his first book, Manifesto, Vince explores what must be done to turn the tide on climate change, drawing on his personal experience as a self-professed eco-nut. It’s a manifesto of hope, backed up by solutions from someone with real life experience of disrupting the energy industry and paving the way to a greener planet.